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Hannah Queenan, M.Ed 

Registered Clinical Counsellor
* ages 12 - 40's

Person-centred therapy
Therapeutic Yoga & Meditation

* Pregnancy loss
* Postpartum anxiety / depression
* Chronic Illness
* Trauma focused

* FNHA approved service provider

* Virtual & In person

T: 778-879-1144 and E:

Hi there,

I am Hannah.


To me, counselling is part of the bigger picture of well-being. I arrived at counselling in my undergraduate degree with an eating disorder and a chronic illness. It is a privilege and joy to now offer you the space that my Counsellor offered me. During our work together, it is my intention for you to find greater resilience, self-compassion, and freedom in your life.

My own path has and includes managing type 1 diabetes, being a mama, and navigating mental health challenges. Along with my experience and training in mental health. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, a teaching degree in education, over 300 hours of speciality yoga training, specific training in Adlerian therapy and trauma-sensitive approaches, as well as a Master of Education in School Counselling. I am a trained and certified yoga teacher with over 8 years of experience working in clinics and studios. If you are interested in using yoga in your therapy, please discuss this with me. 

My counselling practice is informed by  trauma sensitive and person-centred approaches . This means that I am here to help you access your own inner wisdom. I will support you to find your way through whatever challenges you are experiencing. 

T: 778-879-1144 and E:

Hannah 2022 picture.jpeg

I am here to hold you and help you hold yourself. And most importantly, support you to build that inner strength and self-compassion in both your body and mind so that you know, as I do, that you’ve got this. 

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Existing Clients

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