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Perminder Hundle, M.Ed

T: 604-754-9240 E:
Registered Clinical Counsellor
* ages 13 - 70

* Sandplay Therapist
* Art Therapist​
* Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)
* Play Therapy
* Trauma focused

* FNHA - approved service provider
* CVAP - Crime Victims Assistance Program - approved service provider
* English ~ Punjabi
*Virtual and In Person

T: 604-754-9240 E:

Hi, I am Perminder,


I am fluent in English and Punjabi. I have 26 years experience working with children and youth in the education system and 11 years as a Counsellor.


I am a daughter of an immigrant. I have struggled with my identity and living in a culture that was in contrast to my family’s original culture. I faced racism and bullying as a child and now as an adult I am aware of micro aggressions and how I navigate in the professional world.


As an adult, I am raising my own children and trying to balance our core family values with the values of the dominate culture.


I work from a client-centred approach which means the client actively takes the reins during each therapy session, while I, the therapist, acts mainly as a guide or a source of support for the client. My client is in charge of where we go in therapy as you, the client, knows what is best for you in your life.


I am trained in Sandplay and art therapy – both modalities help my clients to express their feelings or emotions in a non-verbal way. I am also trained to work with clients that experience self-harm where I can assess for suicide risk and help to develop safety plans with them.


I have found in this journey of life, we cannot do it alone


we need the support of others.

T: 604-754-9240 E:

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My analogy for life:

  • Journey of life can be like kayaking 

  • Sometimes the waters are rough

  • Sometimes people will try to knock you over

  • Sometimes you’ll give up and want to stop

  • Sometimes you find some kayakers who go at your pace and you encourage each other

  • You need strength, confidence and resilience to keep going 

  • So don’t get wrapped up in what’s going on around you

  • Don’t let others rock your boat, focus

  • You are in charge of your journey 

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