• Cathy Tremblay

Spring has sprung

The Vancouver Sun Run

A sign that spring has sprung is the annual Vancouver Sun Run. People have trained since January to complete this annual run. It is fun and exhilarating. Some participants dress up in funny costumes. There are work teams, community teams, and school teams. There is also entertainment along the whole route - bands, music, radio stations advertising

Thousands of Vancouverites come out to this event. It is a good time to get out and enjoy the fresh air, sun (odd I know), and your family. This is great exercise and a great way for your kids to burn off the excess energy that can drive you crazy. Don’t be intimidated by the people that have ‘trained’ for this event…it is called a FUN run/walk. Walk if that is what feels right for you.

Generally to participate in this activity it can cost a lot of money. However, between you and me, I’ve participated in this event many times and didn’t pay my entrance fee. As a single mother I found that I couldn’t afford to enrol myself and 2 children in the event. That didn’t stop us. We just lined up with everyone else and enjoyed the moment.

Engage your kids - but 10km of whining ugh. Yes, 10 km is a long way. Remember all the money you saved by not paying the entrance fee? Well this is where bribing comes in. If they make it through the whole 10km without whining they get a) a trip to Dairy Queen, b) $5.00 or c) they get to engage in an activity of their choice (you choose the bribe).

A fun family day. So the day is over. You made it to the finish line. YahooThe kids have been bribed and you all had a fun, exciting, and cheap family day together.

As a single mother myself, I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve, in order to have self-care and have fun with my kids, all at the same time.

Contact me and I can share some of my survival tips.

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