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About Imagine Counselling

If you're like most people we work with, you'll likely relate to this:

  • You're a hard working and capable person that's focused on and able to achieve your goals

  • You're an amazing adult who tries your best to place the needs of your family first

  • You're a loving and caring person able to assist others out of their pain

  • You always want the best for yourself and your family and friends

  • BUT, even when you follow the rules of life, you struggle to achieve happiness and joy in your day to day life


At Imagine Counselling, we use a variety of therapeutic tools to help guide and support you to find your happiness ~ your joy.

We believe that you are the leader and creator of your path and that with the right support you can achieve your goals,
whatever they may be.


Let’s Imagine together.

Our Team

We are a compassionate, dedicated team with counselling experience that spans across various fields and backgrounds.
Click the links below to learn more about the key members of the Imagine Counselling team.  

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