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Jillian O'Quinn, B.Ed, M.Ed (Candidate)

Jillian (she/her) is excited and honoured to be interning at Imagine Counselling.  She is a full-time high school Drama and English teacher who is currently studying in her final year to achieve her Masters of Education in Counselling.


Jillian was drawn to counselling when she found more and more of her students were disclosing their stories and she wanted to learn how to better support them.  As a teacher, and a student herself, Jillian understands the social and emotional pressures that her students experience and wants to ensure that those she works with feel a sense of belonging in each new environment they encounter.  


Jillian has worked with children and youth for over ten years and is passionate about sharing her interests through outdoor education in water sports, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. She has been described as welcoming and compassionate with a great sense of humour.


Jillian believes that you are the expert of your own experience, and she meets her clients where they are. Her non-judgmental approach helps her clients feel validated in their experiences. She brings her passion and experience in theatre to her practice through storytelling as she walks alongside her clients in their journey. Jillian uses a person-centred approach in her counselling sessions and is currently developing her skills in specific techniques through her work with Cathy.


Jillian is accepting new clients in person and is available on Monday evenings. She provides counselling services in English.


As a graduate intern, Jillian will be under direct supervision of Cathy Tremblay, along with the support of her university.

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